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What Exactly is Web Hosting?

If there was anything that we could thank for the evolution of the internet, it's web hosting.  Back 20 years ago, unless you had a cool half-a-mil sitting in the bank for a nice hobby, your money-making ideas on the best way to make a carbonara with some fried pork chop is just going to sink into the blackbox known as wishful thinking.

Today, the internet is just teeming with information, all thanks to not having to buy storage drives, not having to know SQL, PHP, and C++, not having to configure databases and not having to do it all over again for every continent you plan to serve content to.

Unfortunately, despite the mass adoption over the past 2 decades, many are still not quite sure how it all works--what to look for, what's important, and what's just nice to have.

Let me break it down for you guys. Web Hosting is all about Storage, Bandwidth, Speed, and of course, Uptime.

Storage is essentially where you save all your files. Images, text, css configurations, plugins, and other fancy stuff all need to be stored in a database. It's important to understand that you're actually paying for real estate, so it's not unlimited. If you're thinking of a large number of data-heavy files like videos for your website, then be mindful of your rented space.

It seems like you won't be able to hit 100 GB quickly, and you might be right. Just keep in mind, every file, every page, every post adds up.

Common Types of Hosting Services

This type of hosting is generally the cheapest option because you are merely renting space in a physical server, which means the cost of maintaining the said server is divided between you and all your neighbors. However, this also means that CPU usage, bandwidth and storage are all shared, and therefore, limited.

Reminder: You do not have a fixed amount of resources allocated to you, the server makes adjustments according to the usage of all sites hosted. This means if one or more websites get visitor spikes, the effect is felt by everyone on the server. The same is true if there's a drop in traffic of one or more websites, everyone's resource share are given a small uptick. This is why there's always a usage policy to shared hosting.

These servers were designed to handle a lot of traffic collectively from all the sites, so don't be discouraged. By the time your website starts to get affected, you won't have a problem upgrading your hosting plan to something that fits your usage more appropriately.

Shared hosting is a great option for people who are just starting out, as well as those who don't need additional software beyond what is offered. We recommend this option to anyone with a maximum of 80,000 users/month.

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